Essential Cotton Garment Manufacturer.

The purest fiber with the history of mankind.

Cotton fabric is a vegetable material that started from India around 3000 BC with human history. With a long history of itself, numerous cotton-oriented products was invented along with symbolizing the cultures of many eras. For example, T-shirt, Sweaters , Denim jeans, military uniforms, baseball caps and many more. And cotton-material is evolving with new trends and spirit of the times.

Material that contains the history.

The main reason why we love cotton the most, among any other fabric materials, is because it contains the history. T-shirt worn by whoever, faded denim jeans, worn out hoodies.. We can feel the trace of certain time and find the beauty that can’t easily be described with words. We hope our products is timeless, and can evolve with people who wear them.

The moment of emptiness.

That one day with no plan or To-Do, also can be little boring but not so bad to be bored and lazy. Imagine a Sunday with taking out freshly dried cotton t-shirt after the laundry. You could be hungover from last night, or start to get ready for the upcoming week, could be holding the book that you can’t focus, but your Sunday is precious you can pace both in fast and slow way, You can do whatever you want.  You can get away from the middle of craziness and enjoy the current, or you can just think about whatever you want to. We support your lazy Sunday. 

Sharing diversity and inspiration.

Like things that can fill up your lazy Sunday, we want to talk about something that is meaningful to you. Our inspiration comes from not only Music, Movies, arts and literatures but also from various places and moments. We want to be the brand that gives special meaning to each individuals,  Also we want to share each others tastes and inspirations to each other.

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Sunday Cotton Company ㅣ Moon Subin ㅣ 321-04-01414  ㅣ 2021-SeoulYongsan-1452 ㅣ 070-8065-7836